Chavez Calibrations International, Inc.
Welcome to the CCI home page.  We hope to provide you with all of your ASTM Charpy verification and
calibration requirements.  We are willing to provide consultation on a test when CCI or NIST
specimens are used to perform the ASTM E23 indirect verifiction test.  We are also willing to provide
consultation when you have questions about the use of NIST, BCR, or JRC specimens.
As of June 1, 2017 Chavez Calibrations International Inc. will be raising
our prices to $575.00 per set domestically.  For international customers,
prices will stay at $275.00 per set combined with the $300.00 verification
and documentation fee.
As of June 1, 2017, all companies requesting Chavez Calibrations International Inc. to verify their
Charpy machine, with test results not entirely made from CCI specimens, must pay a verification
and documentation fee of $300.00 to receive a verification letter and sticker.
Exclusive Representative in Brazil

Schiveto Equipamentos Ltda is the exclusive representative for CCI in Brazil.  Customers in
Brazil should contact Schiveto directly to purchase Charpy verification specimens.  The contact
information for Schiveto follows.

Schiveto Equipamentos Ltda

Contact:  Silvio Chicchi

Email:        schivetolab@terra.com.br
Phone:       55-11-4992-6074
Fax:             55-11-9898-6270
Mobile:       55-11-4438-1686
Exclusive Representative in Europe

Kamaran Sayahi is the exclusive representative for CCI in Europe.  Customers in Europe
may contact Mr. Sayahi to purchase CCI verification specimens.  Mr. Sayahi is also qualified
to perform the annual indirect verification test required by ASTM Standard E23.  The contact
information for Mr. Sayahi follows.  

Villettesud Alattde Bijan 49 Ave
Defontaine bleau
94270  France

If you would like to become the exclusive representative for CCI in your country or your part of the
world, please contact CCI to discuss the details